Return to optimum size and shape

Return to optimum size and shape

4 week intensive programme

£280 is the 4 week programme Including back up audio and support.

£420 is the 6 week programme including hypnotic gastric band, back up audio and support.

£440 is 6weeks+ including hypnotic gastric band and follow up session back up audio and support.

Dieting doesn't work .Well actually it does while you are on the diet ,stop and the weight returns. Tried lots of other ways but you always end up back where you started from? If this sounds like you then this program could be for you. Hypnotherapy will help you to update programmes that have been installed about your relationship with food plus much more. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs .Maybe you eat sweets when stressed or maybe you need motivation to exercise , whatever you feel is holding you back sessions are planned for you to give you optimum long lasting results Go back to the way nature intended you to be . Eat a balanced diet with the correct portion sizes .The sessions help to change the way you look at you relationship with food and how you think about yourself .With support throughout including audio track and simple rules to follow this program will assist you to become your desired shape and size in a safe and natural way. Taking you back to natures weight control system and dealing with anything in the past that may have held you back or got in the way of your progress. Long lasting results that ill help you to live your life how you want to live . 

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