Return to optimum size and shape

Return to optimum size and shape

4 week intensive programme

£240 is the 4 week programme.

 £360 is the 6 week programme including hypnotic gastric band .

£380 is 6 weeks including hypnotic gastric band and follow up session.

 Dieting doesn't work. Tried lots of other ways but you always end up back where you started from? Hypnotherapy will help you to change faulty programmes that have been installed about your relationship with food. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs .Maybe you eat sweets when stressed,maybe you need motivation to exercise , whatever you feel is holding you back sessions are planned for you to give you optimum long lasting results .Go back to the way nature intended you to be . Eat a balanced diet with the correct portion sizes .The sessions change the way you look at food and think about yourself .With support throughout including audio track and simple rules to follow to get to your desired outcome.Taking you back to natures weight control system and dealing with any emotional issues. NEW GROUP PROGRAM FOR 2023 all the benefits of the 4 week program in a small friendly group at a fraction of the price please message me for details .

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