About karen

Karen has a long history of caring for others in her work and personal life. She has worked with children and people from all backgrounds for many years and has a psychology background. Karen has always been interested in how the powerful human mind is and it affects life choices. This has lead her to become interested in hypnosis and NLP. In the past Karen has had issues with fears, anxiety and phobias and had many family bereavements which caused her problems with self estem and confidence. After discovering hypnosis and it's amazing results she decided to train as a hypnotherapist so she could help others to get the best out of their lives. Karen is very understanding of everyone's individual strengths and works always from her heart.

The services i offer are outlined on this website but i always work with the person as an individual in thier own right. So working with clients on discuss the changes they want in their life and changing packages to include their preferences is very important to me .