Smoking /vaping  Cessation Counselling

Smoking /vaping Cessation Counselling

90 min session
An intensive hypnotherapy session. You can eliminate your disire to smoke/vape in just One session. People find it difficult to stop smoking /vaping even when they have made their mind up to stop why? Because the conscious mind has but the unconscious mind isn't in agreement. Hypnotherapy uses powerful techniques that convince the subconscious to also want to stop. The success rates for stopping smoking /vaping with hypnotherapy are very high. Now you've made up your mind book your session now. Do not attempt to cut down or stop before your session. Bring your cigarettes with you. Make sure you are totally committed and you genuinely want to stop. In less than 20 days of been a none smoker you will have paid for your treatment and feel proud fit and healthier.

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